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Heather Robertson-Devine, Owner & Founder, Books Del Sur

"Working with Allie gave me the confidence I needed to automate my book keeping and accounting systems. Her team set us up and we’ve been off and running ever since!"

 Executive Director, Center For Independence

"March 2016 was the month of new hope. Though I initially had been in a panic having lost my bookkeeper abruptly, through some quick networking I found Allie. I never realized how little I really knew about our system until she started working through things. It seemed every time she came in, some new challenge would crop up. She got us through to the end of our fiscal year and then revamped our books to make everything run much more efficiently. Not only does Allie have excellent command of accounting systems, but her knowledge of non-profits and federal funding rules are exceptional. Allie is also the queen of networking and vision. I’m so thankful to have her on our team!"

Guy Vincent, CEO, Publishizer

"After swtiching from an expensive accounting software and service provider to trying to do accoutns on our own, we had fallen back on everything. Allie patiently helped us get back on track and provided advice on our complicated tax situation as an international startup with a diverse team working remotely from all over the world! Moving foward I am sure Allie and her team will keep us on top of things!" 

Lindsey Rudnick, Owner, Wink Skin & Lash Studio

"Allie is amazing! She has really helped me grow my small business and I am forever grateful! She is the best!"

Ken & Amanda Smith, Owners, On The Edge, LLC

"Accounting for my real estate business - Allie has been amazing. She has great communication and really listened to my needs. The accounting was tailored exactly to what I wanted. She is fast, sends me lots of reminders, as I am the one that usually forgets to send her stuff. She gets me monthly reports and lets me know exactly where I am in my spending. I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone who is not doing your own books. Worth every penny. She is also super reasonably priced."

Colton T., Owner, Tall Town Design

"The folks at The Business Shoppe have wonderfully handled all of the dreadful responsibilities that came along with starting my first business. Allie helped me tackle and publish my first business plan! The staff Accountant, Tim, even helped me sleep through the night by taking on all my tax paperwork!"


"Allie Corrigan is hard working, kind and overwhelmingly generous with her time and attention. Allie has helped me get organized in ways that are painless and hassle free."

Jerry S., Finance Team, Steilacoom Community Church

"Allie Corrigan was instrumental in bringing our staff credit card policy into effect and led the way to install a policy with simplified and met accounting system standards. This had led to effective card accountability and usage by our staff. Since contracting with Allie and her team we have had complete control of our payroll system and efficient management and oversight of employee payments. We know that paying our employees on time is key to running our organizations. We endorse Allie and her team for payroll processing. They have met our expectations in reporting the details of the many and varied topics that may arise in the day to day processing of our accounting and payments systems. We are never left in the dark about the issues that need resolving and can count on timely communication when it is necessary. Allie and her staff are always friendly and cheerful and will bend over backward to ensure the customer is happy and has provided every ounce of the service that was contracted. On time, on a budget, this company aims to please the customer!"

Lisa G., President, Lisa Gonzalez Photography, LLC

"I'd be lost without Allie. I was entirely clueless about the process of starting a small business let alone maintaining one. Allie has been very patient, attentive, and supportive throughout the process and it's been great working with someone who's had such a great sense of humor about it all!"

Caroline Dennewith, Co-Owner, Dorky's Arcade

"I have been a client for a few years. I have never been treated so well by an accountant. Not only have they been working hard to get my business all caught up, they also addressed helping me structure my business to be the most well working and profitable. They have drafted a great employee handbook and will be starting our procedures book next. They handle all of our payroll, including payroll adjacent items (unemployment, l&I, ect.). Beyond helping my business succeed and grow, they help me. Whenever I'm stressed or confused or just overwhelmed (open a successful small business, and you will know what overwhelmed is) they are there. Both Allie and Kylie have helped me get control and perspective on the tasks at hand. We appreciate and value this team so much, that our second business will be handled be them as well. I can not recommend them enough. Amazingly supportive, honest (especially when I need it), and hard working. My only regret is not having them from the start. I wish I never wasted time with any other accountant."

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