Hello lovely people of this planet!

I am sure you all are living in the hysteria and devastation of this COVID disaster. I'm still reeling from the hit our business has taken. But mostly I am hurting for my clients and their employees who are feeling the ripple effects of the statewide shutdowns.

Yesterday Governor Inslee announced a moratorium on evictions for the next 30 days in the state of Washington and the Employment Security Department has called for more business owners to sign up for the SharedWork program if they can so as not to overburden the system.

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed that the only relief being offered to small businesses is a LOAN program when the airlines and other big businesses are asking for BILLIONS in bailout money. The Senate just passed the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act that is designed to help families pay bills, extends funding for programs like WIC, SNAP, etc. There are talks of massive bailouts for Wall Street and the Airlines, but no one talking about a bailout for small businesses? Just low interest loans that most people won't qualify for anyway? How the HELL is that okay?

SO! Here is my solution my darlings!


1. If you can AT ALL avoid it, do NOT take out a small business loan. Hunker down, limit spending. Take advantage of the moratorium and apply for any and all relief you qualify for.

2. Barter!! Paper money, coins, currency only started being used around 1000 BC. Before that, people bartered. If our economy were to fail and we were to fall in to hard times, there is no amount of toilet paper hoarding that is going to help you.

3. Start gardening and learning more about the resources and skills of your local community. If you can produce some food for yourself, you can become less dependent on a supply chain created by Wal Mart, Winco, and other major corporations that keep you dependent on them for your necessities. If you learn more and connect more with local makers and business owners you will find many of your needs can be met within your community and then you are no longer dependent on those companies. Which means if they fail, you will still be okay.

4. STOP HOARDING FUCKING TOILET PAPER AND HAND SANITIZER LIKE IT'S GOING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE! There are people who really need hand sanitizer, like healthcare workers, cancer patients, and immunocompromised people. Your selfishness does nothing for you. Wash your hands with soap, it is in abundance, and learn how to wash your ass in the tub after you make a poopy. I grew up in SouthEast Asia and we used water and a cup and then washed our hands with soap. We were fine. You will be too.

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Governor Inslee's website provides businesses and employees with information on the resources availble.

The Senate just passed the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act that is designed to help families pay bills, extends funding for programs like WIC, SNAP, etc.

The WA State Employment Security Department COVID page answers to questions, they also have addressed the automatic denial letters. They are updating their system so keep applying and don't be alarmed if you receive and auto-denial letter

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